//Apashe & Cherry Lena Reimagine Classic “Feeling Good”

Apashe & Cherry Lena Reimagine Classic “Feeling Good”

Chances are you’ve heard the song “Feeling Good,” at least in one way or another. Originally performed in 1964 and popularized by Nina Simone in 1965, it’s been famously covered by Michael Bublé, John Coltrane, George Michael, and Muse, among others.

Now, in 2018, it’s getting a new interpretation from Apashe and Cherry Lena. The general feel of the track is kept entirely intact – it’s hard to imagine “Feeling Good” without those powerful, punctuating horns or those delicate piano notes in the bridge. But where Apashe and Lena take the track into their own hands is clearly in the electronic embellishments. The horns and bass are synthetic, the vocals elongated and manipulated, and so on.

That doesn’t make the cover any less authentic; in fact, it’s probably the most new life that has been breathed into the track since Muse decided to sing the chorus through a megaphone.

Check out Apashe & Cherry Lena’s cover of “Feeling Good” below.

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